Basement conversions and waterproofing

BCS Property Projects offers basement tanking and water proofing for basement conversions throughout the UK, using a damp proof membrane for damp proofing walls

Families and business can quickly outgrow a property, and converting a cellar into dry, habitable accommodation offers a cost-effective way of increasing space without having to move. Converting this underutilised space can also add significant value to a property.

Basement tanking waterproofing for basement conversion in North East

If the space is going to be occupied as a living or working area, it is vital that a dry, healthy environment is created. The walls and floors of cellars are often damp as moisture from the ground penetrates laterally through them. In some circumstances, there may be puddles of water present where the basement is subject to significant hydrostatic pressure.

Over the years, various methods of waterproofing have been introduced, with some being more successful than others. At BCS Property Projects, we favour the use of modern cavity drain membrane systems as they are the most sympathetic to the existing structure and provide a reliable water management system.

Using this method, a dimpled membrane is fixed to the walls and floors of the basement. Any water that penetrates the structure will depressurise when it enters the air gap behind the membrane and travel behind it into drainage channels buried in the floor, which will guide the water to a sump chamber.

Basement conversion after tanking and waterproofing North East

The water will then be pumped away from the basement, leaving a completely dry internal space. The capacity of the sump pump required will be determined by our expert surveyors according to the anticipated level of water that will be present.

Some other methods of waterproofing simply attempt to hold back the water from entering the property, however using a cavity drain membrane system the water is being actively managed away from the accommodation, therefore it offers a greater level of protection and reliability.

The internal wall finishes can be created using either plasterboard dry lining or by plastering directly onto the membrane, and the floor will be finished in a conventional manner.


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