Cavity Wall Tie Replacement North East

BCS Property Projects offer cavity wall tie replacement services throughout the UK, improving the thermal efficiency of homes

Research carried out by the BRE estimates that of the nine million UK properties constructed with cavity walls, almost a quarter of these (2 million) will suffer from wall tie corrosion or failure and will require replacement wall ties.

Cavity wall tie replacement inspection North East

Wall tie failure occurs for a number of reasons, however the most common cause is inadequate materials being used when the wall ties were made. Other causes include a chemical reaction to the mortar (for example black ash mortar) or corrosion from driving salt-laden rain in coastal areas.

Wall ties are embedded into the outer and inner faces of the wall. When a steel wall tie corrodes (or rusts), it expands, causing the outer wall to crack and / or bulge. Sometimes the roof edges can lift and cracks can be seen internally. Alternatively, some properties have wire ties which can disintegrate to nothing, leaving the outer wall at risk of collapse.

Cavity wall tie replacement North East

If any of these signs are seen, the first step is to carry out a comprehensive survey to determine the extent of the problem. Our surveyors are trained to carry out these surveys using a variety of tools, including metal detectors to identify the location of the ties and endoscopes to examine their condition. The survey will also usually require a small amount of mortar to be removed so a sample of the ties can be physically examined.

We are able to specify and install a wide range of different remedial wall ties (resin, mechanical or cementitious) depending upon both the type of the masonry and the existing condition. The replacement ties are made from stainless steel so that repeat failure does not occur.

Wall Tie Replacement

An important part of wall tie replacement is to isolate the existing ties so they do not continue to corrode and cause structural damage.

Following any replacement wall tie work, it is essential that the cavity is thoroughly cleaned so that any debris from the work does not settle and bridge the property’s damp proof course.

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