Condensation Control Services

BCS Property Projects offers Condensation Control management services across the UK such as damp proofing and rising damp control

A combination of our climate, building practices and lifestyles often leads to moist, stale air being trapped inside homes and workplaces across the country.

Damp walls North East need humidity control management

High humidity inside properties can lead to condensation forming on and around windows and on colder outside walls. This moisture can cause damage to wallpaper and painted surfaces and lead to rot in window frames and skirting boards. High levels of surface moisture can also lead to unsightly and unhealthy mould growth, and the moist air provides ideal breeding conditions for the house dust mite.

Many respiratory conditions, including asthma, are aggravated by poor indoor air quality but the symptoms could easily be alleviated through the use of air management units.

Bad humidity control management damp walls North East

Whilst simple actions such as opening windows after cooking or bathing and not drying clothes indoors will reduce the amount of moisture in the air, in many properties this will not be sufficient to eliminate condensation and mould growth.

At BCS Property Projects, we are able to install a range of specialist air management units that will provide regular air exchange and dramatically cut amounts of condensation.

Positive Input Ventilation (or Positive Pressure Ventilation) draws clean, fresh air from outside into the property, filters it and gently diffuses it through the property. This will force the moist, stale air to be evacuated through weak points in the building.


The type of unit specified will depend upon the type and size of the property involved, whether there is a loft space and whether the incoming air requires additional heating before being diffused throughout the property.

The units we typically install have a low energy consumption, and many users report no increase in their electricity bills as a result of using them. This is because dry air requires much less energy to heat than moist air, so heating bills are reduced as the air can be warmed more efficiently. We are also able to install units that contain a heat-exchanger, so the heat from the outgoing air is retained and transferred into the incoming air.

If you have any enquiries or would like further information about our Condensation Control Management services, please contact us.