Resin Repair Systems North East

BCS Property Projects offers resin repair systems for wood preservation throughout the UK

At BCS Property Projects we are always keen to make use of new technologies, and over recent years the development of specialist resins has provided an innovative method of carrying out repairs to timbers and concrete.

Rotten timber needing resin repair systems for wood preservation North East

When a piece of timber has become rotten, infested or fractured, it is often only a small but structurally critical section that needs replacing. By using resins, the majority of the sound timber can be retained whilst only the damaged section is replaced. This not only reduces wastage of timber but it means that the visual impact of the repair is kept to an absolute minimum and often only detectable upon very close inspection.

Resin repair systems can be used to solve a wide range of timber defects, including decayed truss or beam ends, structural cracks - either natural or induced, and the de-bonding of laminated beams. They can also be used in conjunction with imbedded steel or carbon fibre reinforcement to upgrade the loading capacity of beams.

By using resins, much of the disruption that would usually occur when carrying out structural repairs can be avoided. For example, when a truss end has decayed a repair would traditionally involve removal and replacement of the entire truss. When resins are to be used, however, the defective end can simply be removed and a new section of timber be bonded onto the existing sound part of the truss using resins.

Applying resin repair systems for wood preservation North East

Alternatively, a new truss end can be cast out of epoxy resin if there is concern that the end will be subject to water penetration in the future.

Resins can also be used to carry out repairs to concrete, including floors, steps, and external window sills.

Epoxy resin mortars have excellent temperature, chemical and solvent resistant and can be used inside or out to give a totally waterproof repair.

BCS's resin specialist has been involved with many projects, ranging from small aesthetic restorations to significant structural repairs.

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