Structural Wall Stabilisation and Crack Stitching

BCS Property Projects are property preservation specialists offering structural wall stabilisation and crack stitching services throughout the UK

Over their lifetime, buildings can be subject to movement caused by physical or natural events. In turn, this movement can cause cracking to the walls of the building which, without attention can quickly worsen and leave the property in a potentially unsafe condition. Cracking and deterioration of masonry can also occur as a result of the freeze/thaw cycle, corrosion of embedded steelwork, increased loading an due to inadequate or defective materials having been used.

Steel rods for structural wall stabilisation North East

In recent years, a cost-effective remedial solution to such problems has been developed. Through the use of helical steel bars, a wall can be re-engineered with little disturbance to the property and virtually no visual impact.

Where masonry has cracked, helical bars can be inserted into the appropriate bed joints. This results in the tensile load of the building being redistributed along the masonry to minimise further developments of the crack and stabilise the building.

Once repointing has been carried out, there will be little or no visual evidence of the repair.

A similar technique can be used to repair failed window lintels quickly and neatly, a job which would otherwise involve significant disruption to the property owner as removal of the windows & frames would be necessary.

Cracked wall needing crack stitching and stabilisation

Other uses of our structural stabilisation techniques include creating load-bearing masonry beams and retaining bowed external wall.

Before any remedial work can be carried out, it is vital that the cause of movement to the building is identified. At BCS Property Projects, our surveyors have decades of experience in diagnosing such problems and, where necessary, can engage a structural engineer to carry out any required calculations or design approvals

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